The term of endodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp diseases and so-called periapical tissues. The basic method of therapy is the endodontic treatment, popularly known as a root-canal treatment.

The dentist thoroughly examines the inside of the tooth cavity and canals using very thin penetrating tools and measures them using special microscopes and endometers. An inseparable element supporting endodontic procedures is X-ray diagnostics.

Endodontics – when is it applicable?

• deep carious lesions,
• pulp necrosis,
• pulp gangrene,
• mechanical traumas of tooth (dislocations, fractures),
• planned prosthetic treatment,
• periapical tissue inflammation,
• incorrectly performed previous endodontic treatment (leaky canal fillings, remaining fragments of tools etc.).

You should be aware that in prior to the endodontic therapy your dentist must be informed about the potential general diseases you can suffer from like heart/ kidneys and liver diseases and endocrinology disorder.