In some cases the conservative dentistry turns out to be powerless and can no longer reverse the process of loss or damage to the teeth. Then another department of dentistry get on in the action: dental prosthetics that brings back the previous functionality of the chewing apparatus with appropriate treatment and restorations.

The causes of loosing permanent teeth are not only an advanced age and negligence about the oral hygiene but also mechanical injuries and diseases.

There are two elementary groups of the prosthetic restorations available: removable and permanent ones.

Removable restorations are the prostheses that can be easily removed from the oral cavity. They are usually applicable in case of losing all or most of teeth. There are several types of prostheses, among which the most popular are acrylic and chrome dentures (based on the metal framework).

Permanent restorations like dental crowns and bridges are fixed inside of the oral cavity. They usually provide reconstruction to seriously damaged teeth (crowns) and they also fill the gaps in the dentition (bridges).

Another example of permanent restorations are veneers – special porcelain flakes that are fixed on the face part of the teeth.

A wide range of treatment methods combined with modern technical solutions allows to achieve an excellent and long-lasting effect about the functionality and aesthetics of teeth.

How does prosthetic treatment look like?

Everyone who is eligible for prosthetic treatment requires an individual approach. Following on from that the examination and the interview supported by the dental panoramic radiograph are carried out to provide an accurate information about the teeth condition and consider the prospective restoration on that basis.

Any further action is undertaken in close cooperation with the Person who decides on the prosthetic treatment. The Patient is informed about the expected effects of the therapy and about the costs, as despite prosthetic restorations are very effective, they are usually not cheap. Depending on how much the Patient decides to invest in his healthy appearance, the best solutions are discussed and the consecutive stages of treatment are set up.

Benefits from prosthetic services

The main benefit of using prosthetic services is the restoration of normal occlusal-occlusive conditions in the oral cavity.
It is important to realize that even individual gaps in the dentition may cause the remaining teeth to shift and bone cavities to form. Teeth that lose their proper position leave their role, therefore, eating meals becomes very difficult and the malocclusion gets worse and worse. Properly fitted prosthesis makes the entire digestive system working correctly back because chewing the food proceeds in the right way again.

Another important aspect of the prosthetic reconstruction is improving of the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, especially in case when the anterior teeth are missing. A perfectly matched prosthetics let us smile without fear that someone will notice deficiencies in our dentition. A natural smile positively affects our interpersonal relationships improving our well-being in the company and even increasing our chances to achieve a professional success.