Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

If we follow the metaphor that makes eyes a mirror of the soul, then a beautiful smile will undoubtedly be the showpiece for someone being content in his life. An attractive external appearance is one of the most important assets on the career path. Healthy, shiny teeth are an inseparable element of the image for the man of success in today’s world. Unfortunately, it turns out that even reliable care for oral hygiene does not always translate into the desired aesthetic effect. In such cases aesthetic dentistry comes in handy and deals with improving the appearance of teeth.

A dentist specializing in aesthetic dentistry assesses the level of aesthetics disturbance in the patient’s mouth and offer available solutions to bring a beautiful and natural look back to your teeth.

Who can cosmetic dentistry help?

Cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to people who experience psychological discomfort on the background of the appearance of their teeth. Teeth that are too big or too small, ugly, discoloured, with cracked enamel on them can cause serious complexes, especially to people who lead an active social and professional life.

Among the most popular treatments carried out on the teeth to improve their appearance should be mentioned whitening, sandblasting and fixing of veneers.

Overlay whitening is initiated and controlled by the dentist, however, due to the time it takes (2-4 weeks), it is carried out at home. The dentist takes impressions for bleaching trays from the patient, then a special whitening gel is placed in them. The doctor arranges the preparation taking into account the sensitivity of the patient’s gums and his individual needs. The prerequisite for starting the whitening process is removing all cavities in the first place.

Bleaching is also an opportunity for those patients who have dead teeth that nutrients are no longer supplied to. Teeth of that type are usually darken and their colour seems to be unnatural what makes the mentioned procedure even more meaningful here. It is worth remembering that aesthetic dentistry also allows to white of a single tooth.

Veneers are thin flakes made of porcelain or composite material that stick to an unsightly-looking tooth. They are applied when teeth are affected with ugly shape, fracture or permanent discoloration.

Sandblasting is throwing grains of dental sand under high pressure onto teeth to remove stone and most superficial discolorations. The final stage of this process is polishing teeth to make them smooth and less susceptible to the deposition of various substances. This treatment is recommended for all adults 1-2 times a year.

Cosmetic dentistry – contraindications

Sometimes it may happen that some of aesthetic dentistry treatments cannot be performed at all. Contraindications to these particular types of treatment are:

• under 16 years of age,
• bad overall health,
• pregnancy,
• breast-feeding,
• untreated defects,
• hypersensitivity or allergy to ingredients of bleaching preparations.