Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with the comprehensive treatment of dental caries and with prevention. There is a separate part of that branch called endodontics (root-canal treatment).

Caries is the most common tooth disease so that is why it is so important to follow the treatment as soon as possible. It develops usually as a result of improper oral hygiene, eating lots of sweets but also because of the factors unrelated to lifestyle, such as incorrect tooth structure. The unbearable, penetrating toothache commonly associated with dental caries is a symptom of a dangerous disease – causing process in the body. In this case, the unsightly appearance of the teeth is the least possible consequence – untreated tooth decay is obviously associated with the loss of teeth but it can also be a source of intra-thoracic infections. Not everyone is aware that neglect in this area may result in such serious consequences as myocarditis, damage to kidneys and pancreas, atherosclerosis and susceptibility to allergies.

The method of treating caries depends on the stage of the disease which the patient decides to start the treatment at. A sufficient way of dealing with the problem in the first phase may be so-called remineralisation which is covering caries discolorations with fluorine compounds to accelerate the absorption of calcium and other minerals and enable their incorporation into the structure of the tooth.

In more advanced phase the procedure depends on the size (depth) of the cavity. If the remaining amount of live pulp is sufficient, the drilling and insertion of the filling is applied. Sometimes the amount of pulp is too low and then they have to perform so-called root canal treatment.

We use the best composite light-cured fillings at our Dental Surgery to restore the natural shape and gloss to your teeth. As we have a wide palette of colours for a perfect shade selection, the treated tooth does not differ from the others. Removal of caries can be made under partial anaesthesia and then is completely painless. Our Doctors combine excellent qualifications with rich experience and manual skills, which means that they not only restore your teeth with their proper functions but they also achieve excellent aesthetic results.