About Us

Opened in 2015 Butterfly Dental Practice moved to new location at Victoria Road, Oswestry. The Surgery is directly adjacent to the Dental Laboratory that provides technical support for our Dentists.

The Butterfly Dental Project was based on the idea taken from many years of observation of mutual relations between our Dental Prosthetic Laboratory and numerous dental practices.

Mr. Wojciech Zielinski – the experienced Head of Technicians at laboratory and the Director of the Company in one person – came to the conclusion that the optimal solution would be to create a dental practice under the patronage of the Dental Laboratory. The system of that type allows the closer cooperation between the dentist and the technician, which directly translates into the unique quality of prosthetic restorations we offer.

The additional advantage of that solution is making the time to apply a prosthesis or a dental bridge significantly shorter.

We use the latest technological advances in the field of equipment and materials to provide our Patients with the highest standards of dental care.

While the treatment plan is being prepared, we provide the Patient with opportunity to discuss the available treatment options with qualified Staff – the Patient makes the final decision about the amount he wants to invest in his healthy smile.

Your temporary financial shortage is not an obstacle to follow the treatment at all – we offer our Clients the interest-free loan that allows spreading the payment for the planned dental services across the convenient and easy-to-pay installments at no additional cost (0% APR finance).

We invite you to take an advantage of our offer – private quality at the affordable price.


Butterfly Dental Practice