Guides for Patients

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are living parts of the body. The outer part of the tooth is covered with a hard factor called “enamel’ but the core of the tooth is filled up with a soft substance – dentin, and inside there is a nerve and the vessel supplying blood to the...

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Dental Prevention

Dental prevention includes a number of activities aimed at reducing risk of oral diseases. “Prevention is better than cure” – this popular cliché takes on a special meaning in case of dentistry. That is why we offer our Patients a range of preventive treatments to maintain their oral health....

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Why wisdom teeth should be removed?

In most cases this is because the wisdom teeth are susceptible to repeated infections. They stand for a base where food remains get settled on and moreover they are hard accessible for cleaning which may lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Problems with wisdom teeth can occur at...

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