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Why do I need Check-Up? I wan't treatment!

We are forced by law to make checkup before starting any treatment. From that requirement is only excluded Emergency Visit.

Exam is very important! Dentist not only checking teeth condition, also is screening all oral health. During Check-Up many times other problems are found by dentist. In those cases we refer to specialists or hospital.

I'm living far from you, can we start some treatment on first appointment?

We encourage Patients to have first Check-Up and then book regular visits. But sometimes we can book longer appointment for Check-Up and do some treatment, e.g. filling or cleaning.

All those appointments require to pay £50 – £100 Deposit.

Why do I have to pay Deposit

We require Deposit when we book appointments to make sure Patients will carry on with they treatments without additional delays. Every re-schedule or not attend on visit cause delay to have healthy smile.

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