Tooth filling materials – Amalgam vs Composite

Tooth filling materials – Amalgam vs Composite

They have not developed a filling material that would ideally replace the original tooth substance yet. Until now, the most commonly used filler was the dental amalgam – a gray metallic filling which includes silver and mercury. The low price, durability and ease of use made him popular in dentistry for over 100 years.

An alternative to a little bit old-fashioned “silver fillings” are modern composite materials reinforced with porcelain which gradually displace amalgam from the dental services market, mostly because of their advantage in terms of aesthetics – they are produced in the tooth colour, thus they optically blend with the natural tooth tissue.

At our Surgery we use only composite fillings which makes the reconstruction of broken, chipped or unsightly front and lateral teeth in the least invasive way possible. The properties of these modern materials allow to model the tooth surface in the pliable phase until the desired shape is achieved – then it is fixed with the polymerization lamp. The technology we use makes possible to eliminate small cavities even during one visit. Teeth recover their natural shape and colour, so that our Patients can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for many years.


Temporary filling (no warranty)
Small composite filling
Large composite filling
Composite tooth reconstruction