Dental Prevention

Dental Prevention

Dental prevention includes a number of activities aimed at reducing risk of oral diseases.

“Prevention is better than cure” – this popular cliché takes on a special meaning in case of dentistry. That is why we offer our Patients a range of preventive treatments to maintain their oral health.
One of them is the hygienisation which consists of removing of supra- and sub-gum deposits (sediment and tartar) with an ultrasound scaler.

Polishing and sandblasting teeth

The next step is sandblasting and polishing teeth to remove any remaining discoloration (such as tobacco coating or coffee/tea deposits). At the final stage a special flavoured fluoride foam is applied to the teeth to strengthen the enamel and eliminate any hypersensitivity. It prevents from carious defects and periodontal and oral diseases, and also brings visible aesthetic effects – the teeth become clearly brighter and shiny.

The treatment should be repeated every 6 months and even more often if necessary. The hygienic visit at our Practice also includes instructions for proper oral hygiene. We support our Patients to learn correct techniques using the preparations for colouring the plaque, so that everyone can easily check the effectiveness of brushing teeth at home.

We also advise our Patients about choosing the best oral care products tailored to their needs. Our Receptionists remind you every six months about your check-ups and hygienization.

When it comes to preventive treatments carried out in children, dental sealing results are excellent. It consists in filling with furrows and crevices on the surface of molars and premolars as well as cavities of the upper side incisors – in other words, those places where the children have the most difficulties to keep clean.

The treatment can be performed only on the completely healthy permanent teeth, therefore it is recommended to carry it out within 3 months from appearing the chewing surface of the tooth above the gingival line. There is also the possibility of sealing milk teeth (it concerns molars). As confirmed by the doctors, the effectiveness of the treatment is very high – it can reduce the risk of caries by up to 90%!

To keep your smile bright and healthy stay in touch with your dentist and follow regular check-ups at least twice a year. Do you struggle to get one? Check our location on the map – Oswestry is not far away from Shrewsbury, Telford, Chester, Wrexham or Welshpool – ring us, make an appointment and visit us at BUTTERFLY Dental Practice!